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In a world with increasing pollution and harmful exposures coming at us from almost all angels in our daily lives, we can use all the extra help we can possibly get. Fortunately, help with fighting these harmful elements is not as complex as one might initially imagine. One such type of helpful combatant is antioxidants. These have been all the rage in recent times, and with good cause. Essentially, these molecules do just what they sound like they do, impeding or completely halting the oxidation of other molecules in our body. Now, oxidation may not sound too bad, but it’s actually a chemical reaction that can create free radicals which are highly capable of injuring or completely destroying cells in your body. That’s why you can think of antioxidants as your body’s natural defenders.

So, where can you find these wellbeing-boosting antioxidants? Fortunately, plants and animals know what they’re doing when it comes to defending themselves. We are able to then garner supplements from plants and animals. These come in many forms such as vitamin E and vitamin C as well as enzymes such as catalase. Antioxidants can be found in products such as sports whole-food supplements, dietary supplements, teas, fruits and vegetables.

One of the main fights that these molecules are said to help with is heart health. Granted, studies are still being done in an effort to bring more validity and hard science to their efficacy, but no contraindications or negative effects have been demonstrated, so it certainly doesn’t hurt to start supplementing today.

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