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It’s time to gain bulk like the Hulk—but the good thing is you won’t have to worry about going through a new pair of pants every day with this method. Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid originating in vertebrates. Creatine supplements offer a steroid alternative for gaining muscle mass by offering increased energy to muscles. This type of supplement has become very popular through its ability to help athletes and bodybuilders build more muscle, faster. This is only a supplement though, and should still be paired with a comprehensive workout program to attain the best results. A well-rounded approach will always lead to longer lasting benefits.

This supplement can be found naturally in red muscle tissue and is often naturally included in diets through the consumption of meats and fish. But for athletes and bodybuilders looking to build more muscle at an accelerated rate, they often look to supplementation to give themselves an even stronger foundation from which to build off of. Not only does creatine help you build more muscle, it also helps your muscles regenerate quicker. You see, through extensive workouts and athletic performances, your muscles are actually broken down, stretched and naturally torn. Supplementation allows your muscles to rebuild themselves faster by supplying them with depleted resources. This factor is a huge advantage for athletes with a full playing schedule who need to get back on the court or field the next day and maintain top levels of performance. This supplement has even demonstrated positive results for boosting intelligence through regular, repeated use.

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