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Looking for some extra pep in your life? Want to get an extra bounce in your step? Then you might consider ephedra supplements. These types of supplements act as a stimulant, stimulating the brain, increasing heart rate and increasing blood pressure. This element has even been known to increase ease of breathing by expanding bronchial tubes, making it especially helpful for those suffering from asthma and other breathing complications.

The main properties of ephedra work together to provide increased energy levels. As a result, it is a very popular supplement among athletes across many different sports. Beyond the sports world though, it’s stimulating effects also make it popular among individuals looking for extended energy in their work day, giving them an additional boost to help them get through their tasks with increased clarity and focus.

In addition, ephedra is also a thermogenic. The ephedrine and pseudoephedrine components of this supplement work in synergy to create weight loss factors. Its thermogenic properties give it fat-burning abilities. If taken regularly, this supplement can deliver consistent weight-loss, but studies do not yet have supporting evidence as to whether or not it delivers weight-loss effects beyond the product’s initial use. In addition, this supplement should only be taken in small doses and under regulated circumstances. People with existing heart conditions should definitely consult with their healthcare physician before taking this product. Adverse side effects may include skin reactions, irritability, nervousness, dizziness, insomnia and more. To help avoid any complications, only purchase this supplement through verified and trustworthy sources.

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