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What most people don’t realize is that today’s soils are often extremely nutrient deficient. What does that mean for the foods you eat? It means they too are nutrient deficient. In fact, you have to eat multiple servings of a fruit or vegetable just to get the same nutrient count of a single fruit or vegetable from several years ago. That is why the Standard American Diet (S.A.D.) is just that, very sad. Because of this, people are looking to health supplements to help catch up on their daily values. Supplementation is meant to support overall health and wellness by bolstering your diet; not completely replacing whole foods. In combination with raw fruits and vegetables and a daily exercise program, health supplements can help people get back on a path to wellness.

The real problem is that many people have been nutritionally deficient for so many years that they may not even know it. Many simply think that their bodies are supposed to feel sub par; not even aware of the full potential of their body. But if they supplement and give their bodies the essential vitamins and minerals they need, then the body has an immense capacity to heal itself. With the regular inclusion of health supplements in one’s diet, they can achieve optimal living conditions and quality of life. But before you get too excited about all this health potential, make sure you only buy such products through quality, trustworthy sources to make sure you’re giving your body the very best.

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